groupe découverte du gard en canoe
Découverte du Gard en canoe kayak
10km long,this course in the heart of the Gorges du Gardon will take you to the beautiful site of the old hermitage Baume.

This course is for nature lovers. In summer the upper part of Gardon is underground. So there is no water between Russan and the balm. We offered you the alternative of going up the river from Collias to join the balm and make a round trip.

Attention all the same the boats will have to be pulled in the four small rapids and pass the dyke of Collias. The advantage if you already know the Pont du Gard is that you are far from the crowds.

For the most athletic, you have the opportunity to leave before 10:00 and make the descent Collias-Pont du Gard in the afternoon. Provide a good pair of shoes to walk in the water.

learn more about la Baume Saint Vérédème

10 Km

Gorges du Gardon, Gard, South of France

April at october

6 years minimum – Know how to swim

Starting at 12 €