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Promenade et randonnée Gard
Starting from the Pont du Gard, your guide takes you on byroads to discover the relics of this Roman aqueduct.

Through the „Garrigue memory“ area, meet with the region’s emblematic flora.
Before you get back to your canoes, you may have a chance to meet Bonelli’s Eagle or the multi-coloured wasp nests.
The canoe descent is open to beginners, and will allow you to view the Pont du Gard from a new angle.
Perfect to revitalise your team, this adventure race lasts from 2.5 to 3 hours, for a maximum of 20 people.


Pont du Gard, Frankreich

von März bis November

Von 10 bis 20 personen

Schwimmen können ist Bedingung

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